Deborah Roberts

Deborah Roberts is the founder and director of Deborah JR Education.  She is an international educational consultant, published author and trainer

Deborah has worked in education for over fifteen years, starting out as an outstanding science teacher.  During this time she held numerous key management positions in schools, Universities and other educational establishments.  Deborah was the Director of Learning in two large schools in the UK – responsible for curriculum development, quality of science education and staff development.  She has also managed a unit for students learning in English as an additional language where she developed the curriculum, resources and trained staff to support the learners.  She was a lead coach and mentor and was the first recognised advanced mentor for Teach First, a large and innovative route into teaching for high-flying graduates working in challenging schools.

Deborah has been an educational consultant for over ten years, working throughout the UK and overseas – including Egypt, Macedonia, Albania, USA, Dominica, Jamaica and Barbados.  Deborah has developed extensive experience in some key areas of education especially in enquiry based learning and assessment. She has designed a range of Continuing Professional Development sessions - some of which have been published – and has recently delivered a paper at the Annual meeting of the National Science Teachers Association in the USA relating to enquiry based learning in a multicultural setting.  She has also delivered her paper in North Africa regarding the use of assessment in schools.  Deborah is currently researching the impact of certain factors on final assessment results.

Deborah worked in teacher education at Sheffield Hallam University in the UK and is the author of over 70 books and activity cards for primary and secondary students.  Cambridge University Press endorsed several of these publications.  She has also authored a number of resources to support teachers in delivering engaging and innovative lessons.  These were developed in line with a number of different specifications and curricula.  Deborah has a Masters degree in teaching and learning.

DJR Education

Deborah JR Education began 10 years ago and became a limited company more recently.  They work with a view to support educators in the provision of outstanding learning experiences for students.  The company is determined to continue to work on a personal level designing bespoke support for individual clients.   They have worked in some schools and academies continuously for over 5 years training new staff and developing resources as curricula change. Deborah JR Education work in many different schools and academies throughout the world.  This experience is valuable as it allows them to fully appreciate the foci of educators.

The company value discussions with teachers who use the resources to ensure that they are developed specifically for them.  They are experienced and therefore conscious of cultural and local ideas and issues and they address these in their training and resources.  Staff is then trained in the use of new resources and they evaluate their effectiveness.  Feedback is crucial in the development of future resources including training opportunities to ensure teachers are delivering outstanding learning experiences.

The company continue to work with numerous ministries of education to discuss the requirements of up to date curricula and how these can be implemented into their schools and the resources to be developed. They are experienced and conscious of cultural and local ideas and issues and they respect these in the training and resources that are developed. The company are invited to deliver to International conferences in many different countries on a regular basis spanning several years.  The ultimate goal is to ensure all students obtain the best results and have an outstanding learning experience.


Deborah Roberts

Internationally published author, education consultant and trainer.