Deborah JR Education is expert in Consultancy and the design and delivery of CPD. They work on a Worldwide basis, stretching from Europe to the Caribbean. All aspects of travel are undertaken and we as a business are willing and able to work globally.

DJR Education work with Ministries of education, Heads of faculty and Heads of schools and academies on a consultancy basis to support staff who have a great responsibility to develop policies, practices and procedures in their establishments.  This includes carrying out diagnostics of current practice, designing specific training and coaching resources for staff with many different roles from trainees, experienced teachers, lead teachers, technicians to head teachers and principals.

Training events to address the identified areas for development can be held in local or central venues.  The latter can be used where a number of establishments have the same training requirements. This also allows attendees to network and share ideas and expertise with professionals outside their immediate workplace.  The effectiveness of the resources including training events are closely monitored through observations and feedback and the tracking of student data. The company value discussions with teachers who use the resources to ensure that they are developed specifically for them  Staff are then trained in the use of new resources and the company and school leaders evaluate their effectiveness.  Feedback is crucial in the development of future resources including training opportunities to ensure teachers are delivering outstanding learning experiences.  Several schools have been supported and advised during preparation for official whole school inspections.